Запознайте се с нашите НОВИ продукти, разработени по специални авторски формули на Buletera, с максимално изчистен състав и активни вещества за подобрение на цялостния вид на кожата по лицето и тялото

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Rosemary water

Natural floral water obtained by steam distillation of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) stalks. The

THE BODY Hyaluronic booster

Hydrating body booster with two types of Hyaluronic acid. This product is developed according to a b

THE FACE Hyaluronic booster

Super hydrating face booster with two types of Hyaluronic acid. Concentrated formula with patented b

THE BODY Retinol booster 0.1

The first of a kind on bulgarian market - body booster with Retinol and Rose Damascena. A revolution

THE FACE Retinol booster 0.5

Our exclusive face product - concentrated booster with two types of retinoids and Rose Damascena oil