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This is us BULETERA COSMETICS and we are here to do our best and we want to satisfy your needs and provide good results. Do not hesitate to contact us in the contact form or by phone (0884378880 or 0885602332) to help you select the best product for you. Our mission is to be useful to you!

Our formulas include carefully selected essential oils and products of pure origin, whose properties will give you the desired result. The Hydrating Facial Spray is developed on the base of natural water from Rosa Damascena and Roman chamomile. With a toning and moisturizing effect, it soothes irritated skin and increases its elasticity. Light and airy, it is suitable for all skin types and ages. It can be used to refresh the face in the morning and evening, before applying makeup as a base or to fix the finished makeup. You could apply several sprays on the skin in combination with your daily cream or before using BULETERA COSMETICS Regenerating Precious Facial Oil.

The Regenerating Precious Face Oil is another innovative product from the BULETERA COSMETICS series, which will surprise you with the results. Jojoba and hemp oil restore vitality to tired and dry skin. Rich in lutein from Chlorella vulgaris - a major natural antioxidant, Goldella oil nourishes and protects tissues from the harmful effects of free radicals and slows down skin aging. Apply only a few drops on the skin of the face to enjoy its beneficial effect. It can be used alone or in combination with your daily cream by applying it before the daily cream.

The Deep Conditioning Hair Oil that nourishes and moisturizes the hair in depth without weighing it down. Castor and hemp oil restore torn ends and prevent hair loss. Our hair oil could be used as a care for the hair and scalp with washing: apply a sufficient amount of the product on the whole hair and gently rub into the scalp, gently spread with a wooden comb to the ends of the hair, put a towel on your head and leave it to works for 30 minutes, with severely damaged hair you can leave the product to act for a longer time, without restrictions. Use once a week. For torn and dry ends, you can apply the product on damp or dry hair by placing a small amount of oil only on the ends of the hair and spread with a wooden comb.

Our team is available to provide you with detailed information on how to use our products!