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Buletera Comsetics

Our history

BULETERA COSMETICS is a Bulgarian company with rich experience in growing oilseeds since 2002. The company has established itself on the market, adding and combining eternal culture, new technologies, a lot of love and attention to its final products.

Our company was established for the purpose of creating rose oil and lavender plantations in the Bulgarian rose valley. Not long after that, we increased our plantations and continued to develop our business professionally. Our plantations are equipped with high quality drip irrigation systems to provide our crops with a proper and optimal irrigation regime for achieving maximum results and product quality.

Our team of highly qualified agronomists makes great efforts in the cultivation and care of all our rose and lavender plantations, because we rely solely and exclusively on our production. The employees of BULETERA COSMETICS carefully select and process the rose blossoms, which is extremely important because the quality and precise work is a contribution to an excellent end product!

BULETERA COMESTICS became known on the European and Asian markets only a few years after its establishment.

The development of the company has always been our main objective and we are proud to say that thanks to our business confidence, we were able to implement a project in 2009, which aimed to allow us to process our own oils in an environmentally friendly and modern way, to provide the perfect cosmetic products for your skin and hair care.

The distillery of BULETERA COSMETICS has an area of ​​10000 sq.m (m2) and is located in the village of Dabovo. There we have everything we need to create our quality products and make sure that they reach our customers and meet their needs every day!

BULETERA COSMETICS carries out continuous control over every production process. The careful and precise work with attention to every detail is a guarantee for the quality of our products and a step towards the creation of our final products. The secret of our success is in the incredible team that shares the same responsibilities and passion for one of the most important plants in and for Bulgaria - the Bulgarian rose!